TXT’s Soobin Has The Perfect April Fool’s Day Prank Planned For Fans, And It Involves BTOB’s Minhyuk

Would you fall for it?

When it comes to one of the most wholesome friendships in K-Pop, fans always bring up the bond between look-alikes BTOB‘s Minhyuk and TXT‘s Soobin.

Since meeting for the first time, fans have not been able to get enough of their friendship, and they love the fact that even they acknowledge just how much they look alike.

BTOB’s Minhyuk (Left) & TXT’s Soobin (Right) | @TXT_members/Twitter

Soobin recently went live with fans to talk about everything from his friendship with ATEEZ‘s San, his love for STAYC, and of course, his precious hedgehog Odi.

At one point, Soobin was reading the comments and saw one that said he looked a lot like Minhyuk. After seeing the comment, Soobin seemed very shook after looking at himself, adding, “We do look alike!”


He even joked that after looking at his face and reading the comment, he was very shocked and even pointed out that he looked less like TXT’s Soobin and more like BTOB’s Minhyuk.


Yet, with this sudden realization, Soobin then decided that maybe this resemblance could be used to his advantage and even had a proposed idea for April Fool’s Day.

On days like April Fool’s Day, if Minhyuk and I were to exchange selfies and post them pretending to be our own, would fans fall for it?

— Soobin


Although Soobin knows that MOAs are smart enough and love him enough to notice the difference, he explained that it would definitely be fun for fans of both groups. It might also cause confusion for other fans, who already cannot get over the similarities.


There is no denying that Minhyuk would definitely be up for something like that and has proved just how much love he has for his junior artist. They are a fan favorite through their interactions, whether it is revealing Soobin’s texts about his Kingdom performances, especially his body during the performances, or just being cute on music shows.

Although April’s Fool’s Day isn’t coming up any time soon, it will be interesting to see whether Soobin and Minhyuk go through with this plan and how many fans it confuses.

You can read more about their friendship below.

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