MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Doesn’t Diet Anymore After Losing Over 30 Pounds Before Her Debut — Here’s Why

She was recently feasting while the other members ate salads, eggs, and bananas.

On a recent episode of KBS‘s Boss in the MirrorMAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul made the surprising revelation that rather than dieting to lose weight, she tries to keep it on with a hearty diet.

But her body hasn’t always been that way.



She shared that before her debut, she went on a sweet potato diet to lose 15 kilograms (~33 pounds).

Despite her “needing” to lose weight back then, she now has to focus on eating well so that she doesn’t lose even more.

I wasn’t always the skinny type. But after losing the weight for my debut, my body type changed.

— Moonbyul

As such, she has a much heartier meal than the other members, and Moonbyul is happy about it.

I’d say I’m much happier than my other members at the moment.

— Moonbyul

On the show, Moonbyul was seen eating a table full of different dishes while the other members ate smaller meals such as salads, eggs, and bananas.

She’s always looked good, but it’s good that the pressure is off for Moonbyul now!

Keep feasting, Moonbyul!

Source: Insight


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