MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Talks About The Group’s Large Female Fanbase And More In Recent Interview

She shared tons of her thoughts on various topics!

MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul shot a pictorial with Elle Korea, and also sat down for an accompanying interview, where she talked about her hobbies, music, and personal life.

In the interview, Moonbyul was asked many questions about herself, her group, and her fans! She talked about how MAMAMOO is known to have tons of female fans, and shared why she thinks they attract them more.

Q: Several years ago we randomly came across MAMAMOO fans at the gate. The percentage of female fans was very high.

Truthfully, our range of fans is vast, but our female fans are the most active. There’s a sense of happiness when we are recognized by the same gender. I think because we are the same gender, they are able to understand more of what’s on the inside.


Moonbyul was also asked about what she thinks is the “definition of a good performance”, and she answered by revealing she tries to do what she enjoys most!

Q: Although you have the rap position in the group, you seem to be showing us your vocals more recently. Being eight years since your debut, has the standard changed of what you think is the definition of a good stage performance.

There was a time I was busy trying to show my bright side. I used to think that because this is what people wanted to see, I would have to try hard to show that to them. Although that is still important, I try to do what I enjoy more these days.

After experiencing my thoughts and ideas come to life, I realized that I would be able to continue doing this if I kept doing what I enjoy.


She was also asked about her source of motivation and what keeps her going, and she revealed that while she depended on her members the most at first, she now looks to their fans for comfort!

Q: What is the driving force that brought you here today?

MAMAMOO. In the beginning, we would rely on the members for support. But these days, we seem to lean on our fans more. It was reassuring to have people listen and show interest whenever I released music or did something.

The words “You did well” are something that I want to hear not only with my music or dance but also in my daily life. Whenever I hear those words it reminds me that I don’t need to stay trapped inside my cage.


Source: Elle Korea


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