MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Opens Up About The Regrets She Has About Her Latest Romantic Relationship

She shared her regrets about it.

MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul recently talked about her past relationships, and opened up about the regrets she has because of them!


Moonbyul recently released her second mini-album 6equence on January 19, releasing 2 pre-release singles before it; “G999” ft Mirani

…and “Shutdown” ft. Seori!

With the release of her new album, Moonbyul sat down for an interview to talk about her new comeback, and album concept!

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Regarding her album, Moonbyul revealed that she focused on getting the emotions of love across to her fans and listeners, and also focused on her music being something that people could depend on in times of hardship.

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She specifically talked about one self-written song in the album, titled “Ddudduddu”, which she also shared was the first one written for the album overall. The song is titled “What Can I Do?” in Korean, and the lyrics penned are about the final steps of love, where one just accepts the still-remaining, unresolved feelings and moving on with them.

As a recurring theme in her self-written songs, the left-over, lingering emotions in “Ddudduddu” are no exception, and Moonbyul took this opportunity to open up about her own unresolved feelings from a past love.

I usually don’t have regrets, but I have it about my last relationship, which was just before my debut. I think I wanted to be that “bad girl” then, and the nicer my partner was, the more I distanced myself. I was very wrong. Looking back, I now realize that that was the relationship I had to hold on to.

So love to me is all about regrets.


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Moonbyul’s mistakes and maturity are totally something everyone can definitely relate to! Listen to the messages she wants to convey in her latest song “Lunatic” here!

Source: The Korea Herald