MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Has Unique Method To Show The Staff Just How Well She Knows Solar

We can’t get enough of these two!

MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul and Solar are now known for their close friendship, but that wasn’t always the case. In their trainee days, the pair disliked each other. While it’s hard to imagine the two ever not getting along, sometimes they those brief “Tom & Jerry” moments that slip through the cracks.


While backstage at the final rehearsal for their WAW concert, Solar became stressed for an unknown reason. She would’ve gladly shared that reason, but unfortunately, her cameraman wasn’t filming her at the time, which added to her stress.

Little did she know that Moonbyul was hatching a plan to play off of that stress back in the dressing room. When Solar left for a moment, Moonbyul locked the door.

She then turned to the staff and posed a question to them. “Shall we guess?” she asked the staff after offering up to scenarios of Solar’s potential reaction.

The first reaction was for Solar to yell Moonbyul’s name at the door in frustration.

The second option was for Solar to politely ask Moonbyul to “Please open the door?”

Soon enough, there was a knock at the door, and it was time for the moment of truth; how would Solar respond?

MOONBYUL!” was soon heard throughout the room, followed by giggles.

Solar also laughed as Moonbyul explained the situation, sharing that all staff expected her frustrated response.

While Solar had some humor about it, she was still a bit annoyed from earlier and could only answer one way when asked by Moonbyul, “How did you feel when the door was locked?

Ah this girl is doing this shi… This girl’s doing this again Doing… This shi…


Even with Solar’s exhausted swearing, it was clear she was having fun. We love seeing these two annoy each other almost as much as we love seeing their friendship. To see more of the pair’s backstage shenanigans, check out the article below:

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