MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals Her Pre-Debut Struggles And Offers Advice To Current Trainees

“It’s important to know that moment is coming.”

MAMAMOO‘s Solar is featured as August’s cover model for Men’s Health Korea. As a part of that feature, she sat down for an interview where she opened up about her years as a trainee.

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The interviewer from Men’s Health Korea asked Solar “Your parents were against you becoming a singer, right? And that made it tougher for you during your traineeship.”

Solar’s answer was both heartbreaking and inspiring.

I come from a pretty scholastic family. So my parents wanted me to pursue studying. When I told them I want to do music, they cut off all support. I had to take care of myself. But that paid off because now I’m really good at setting my own goals and pushing myself to achieve those. It’s a process that I’m all too familiar with.


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The interview then continued with the interviewer saying “And so now you’ve reached peak as a singer. Is there anything you’d like to say to trainees who are aspiring to become the next MAMAMOO, the next Solar?”

Before sharing her answer, Solar humbly responded with “Actually, I think I’m still on my way to the top.”

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She then shared her advice.

…I want to tell them to endure and never give up. Just hang in there a little longer and you will come across an opportunity. It’s important to know that moment is coming.


| @menshealth_korea/Instagram

Solar’s leadership inspires no matter where she is. To see more from this cover shoot check out the link below:

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