MAMAMOO’s Solar Can’t Escape Her Past During USA Tour

The internet is forever.

MAMAMOO is currently on the first U.S. tour of their career, and from the get-go, the quartet has managed to leave a powerful impression on their audience.

| @_mariahwasa/Instagram

So far, the group has completed only two stops of their nine-city tour, New York City and Baltimore. During both concerts, they delivered power-packed performances, leaving the audience in awe of their live-singing skills.

During the shows, the members seemed overwhelmed to see the turnout at their almost sold-out arena show and even thanked fans for showing up. In reality, the audience consisted of both fans and casual listeners, who had nothing but praises to sing about the show these power-vocal queens put up.

However, amidst this explosive reaction and happy moments spent with MooMoos, there is one shadowy presence that the group’s leader,ย Solar,ย can’t seem to avoid. It followed her from New York City to Baltimore and was even caught on camera when the group posed for a picture with the audience in the background at the end of both shows.

It’s none other than “Bald Solar,” the infamous meme that leaves MAMAMOO fans hollering in split seconds.

And in case you are wondering, no, this is not an edit. The meme surfaced after MAMAMOO posted a behind-the-scenes video of Solar getting ready to shoot her 2020 solo track “Spit It Out.” One of the many looks in the song was her with a shaved head.

| RBW Entertainment

Solar later explained that the look was to signify the bare and natural side of human beauty, and though her company was fully against the idea, she did it anyway. The look became a hot topic and earned her kudos from netizens. But as the most unserious fandom ever, MooMoos got their share of fun with it too. Fans first spotted the meme poster right beside Solar’s face in the picture MAMAMOO clicked after the New York show. However, it also magically turned up at Baltimore, once again, right behind Solar.

“Bald Solar” right behind Solar at New York | @RBW_MAMAMOO/Twitterย 
Solar with her meme behind again in Baltimore | @RBW_MAMAMOO/Twitterย 

Needless to say, MooMoos are enjoying this cosmic coincidence a little too much and plan to pull this off at every stop of the tour. Solar, on the other hand, seems to have noticed it as well and gave a hilarious reaction on Instagram with a counter-meme.


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