MAMAMOO’s Solar Creates An Entire Music Video For Her YouTube Channel Intro Song — And It’s Seriously Adorable

We stan a creative queen.

MAMAMOO’s Solar decided to release a unique and unexpected gift for fans of her YouTube channel.

| solarsido/YouTube

The intro of all of her YouTube videos plays a tune with her channel name “Solarsido” sung in the background.

To accompany this, Solar also does an adorable intro coupled with a hand movement she only does in her YouTube videos.

For a fun challenge and a way to repay her fans for their support, she wrote and recorded her song “Ddun Ddun Ddun” which samples the intro.

Both the song and video exude Solar’s positive and bright energy.

I felt it would be nice for “Solarsido” to approach lots of people in a fun and comfortable way, so I put those feelings into it and made it.

— Solar

In addition to the song, Solar also released a “Ddun Son Package” which includes a mask strap, sticker pack, and washi tape. In addition, 100 people who preorder will also be selected for a message postcard from Solar.

| bizent

Overall, people are loving Solar’s creativity and generosity to fans!

Watch the adorable music video below!


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