MAMAMOO’s Solar Undergoes Terrifying Halloween Transformation With Special Effects Makeup

The end result is spine-chilling!

MAMAMOO’s Solar decided to try some special effects makeup for Halloween on her YouTube Channel…and it’s not for the faint of heart.


In order to do this, she invited Special FX makeup artist and YouTuber, PURE.D.

PURE.D is known for her makeup skills that can turn even the daintiest princess into a monstrous demon.

Solar decided to embrace the Halloween spirit and jump full force into the world of special effects makeup. They began by applying vaseline to protect her eyebrows…

…and even used liquid latex to attach the gnarly mouth full of ravenous teeth that PURE.D created beforehand.

Solar had to admit she can’t do anything “half-way” and jumps headfirst in, full of passion. Clearly, after watching her other YouTube videos, her fans already knew this!

After applying her makeup, PURE.D created a mixture of flour and latex to make a fake grotesque nose for Solar.

She successfully transformed Solar from an adorable and pretty jester…

…into a horrifying, murderous Pierrot! In other words: A very spooky success.

Check out the full makeup transformation below!


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