MAMAMOO’s Solar Hits Back At A Hate Comment In The Sassiest Way Possible

That’s mother right there.

When it comes to being an unbothered bad b*ch, MAMAMOO members are always on the frontlines of K-Pop. As the group has progressed in their career, the oldest member, Solar, has especially shown an unprecedented bold attitude, not afraid of stepping outside the box or putting haters on blast.

Solar has repeatedly called out malicious comments on her YouTube channel, and she even discussed the consequences of posting such comments with an actual lawyer. So, it is established that she is not scared to stand up for herself and her members publicly. And the most recent example of that happened just a few hours ago.

Solar and Moonbyul recently released their song “Chico Malo” from their first single album as the subunit MAMAMOO+. The pansori-inspired music video of “Chico Malo” has earned praise from fans excited to see the duo play modernized versions of a traditional pansori couple. The song itself, with its fusion of traditional Korean sounds with trap beats and Latin percussions, has also won the hearts of MooMoos.

Solar frequently monitors the feedback of every content she puts out, be it a YouTube video or a song. After the release of “Chico Malo,” she was presumably going through the comments on a streaming platform, and she posted some of them on her Instagram story. Among those was a hate comment that said, “You’re calling something like that a song?”  Solar, being the queen she is, posted the screenshot with her response saying, “Listen to it again for just 2 more times😉.”

Needless to say, fans are loving the sass from the MAMAMOO leader.