Does MAMAMOO’s Solar Play “Hard To Get” In Relationships? Here’s What She Says

“A playgirl?” 😂

With the brand new release of her song “Honey,” MAMAMOO‘s Solar becomes a Queen Bee. However, her song has a double meaning that goes a lot deeper than just honey!

| @solarkeem/Instagram

Queen bees accept honey from the honey bees and owe them nothing in return.

As the queen, Solar accepts their honey, but won’t give her love to anyone!

While they bring me all the honey, but I won’t give my heart to any of them!

— Solar

She says she’s “just having fun and enjoying her life,” giving off a cool, boss girl vibe.

Showterview host Jessi knows exactly what Solar’s referring to…or so she thinks! Maybe Solar’s a playgirl, or someone who enjoys the single life and “plays the field.”

Solar refined it, more accurately referring to it as “playing hard to get…”

…but that’s certainly not her in real life!

While sometimes artists write lyrics about their own experiences, they can also let their imagination run wild and tell any stories they want.

If I was so in real life, I wouldn’t do this kind of songs!

— Solar

That’s what makes music so amazing!

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