Will MAMAMOO Renew Their Contract Next Year? Solar And Moonbyul Answer Honestly

They always tell their fans the truth.

During an online broadcast, MAMAMOO members Solar and Moonbyul responded to a fan’s question about their upcoming contract renewal next year.

Debuting in 2014, their contract lasts 7 years, thus expiring next summer in June 2021.

Seven years go by fast.

— Moonbyul

Solar explained how it’s an issue that involves each of the members and needs to be discussed with all of them.

Since the members all love being together, we need to talk about it more. I’m sure we’ll have an answer when next year comes.

— Solar

| @RBW_mamamoo/Twitter

Solar said she would rather focus on living in the moment for the next year as MAMAMOO instead of wasting time worrying about the future.

Rather than spending all my time worrying about it, I think it’s more important to have more good times with MooMoos. Because when it comes to life, you have no idea what’s gonna happen.

— Solar

| @RBW_mamamoo/Twitter
The girls agreed, “Because if we say something now, but then next year it’s different from what we said, then it becomes a weird situation.”

One thing is certain: Whatever the girls decide, MooMoos will continue to support them!