MAMAMOO’s Solar And Moonbyul Responds To Malicious Comments

“MAMAMOO will not tolerate it if you hurt those we love.”

MAMAMOO’s Solar and Moonbyul recently held a live broadcast session for their fans where they shamed haters for hurting others through malicious comments.


Moonbyul began by stating that she simply cannot understand trolls.

“I can’t really understand trolls.”

ㅡ Moonbyul


She continued to suggest that we should all only say good things and not put each other down.

“Everyone, we should only say good things. We shouldn’t talk bad about each other. None of us are gods, so we can’t criticize each other like that. We all have our own uniqueness, we can’t tell each other what to do.”

ㅡ Moonbyul


Then Solar suggested they mention a malicious comment that comes to mind and counterattack. After taking some time to think, Moonbyul mentioned the comment, “MAMAMOO is ugly,” and wanted to tell the person who wrote it, “Show me your face.”

“MAMAMOO is ugly. (As a response) Show me your face. I think everytime someone posts a comment, they should show their ID photo, cell phone number and address. If so, they wouldn’t do it as much.”

ㅡ Moonbyul


In Solar’s case, she mentioned how she often read malicious comments that attacked her appearance because of her age.

“Because I’m the oldest in our team, they were saying my face was flowing down. How can a person live on if their face is flowing down? You cannot live if your face is flowing down.”

ㅡ Solar


Moonbyul chimed in, “What about your face? Why attack someone or someone’s face? Whatever they do or wear, it’s just who they are.”


Moonbyul added that they will not tolerate malicious comments, even if it’s for the sake of their fans.

“I will not tolerate them. Because I’ve seen our MOOMOOs see the comments and get hurt too. Why do they need to hurt everyone like that? Those people must be properly punished.”

ㅡ Moonbyul


Moreover, she reassured fans not to worry since the MAMAMOO members were strong.

“MOOMOOs don’t need to worry about trolls either. We are that much stronger. We get a little hurt and then get over it with our strength.”

ㅡ Moonbyul


In fact, Solar spoke up saying that she can respond to all malicious comments to which Moonbyul suggested they make a malicious comment reading session in their next live broadcast.

“We’ll gather the writers of those malicious comments and then report them to our lawyer. (To the malicious comment writers) Be careful, please don’t hurt our MOOMOOs. MAMAMOO will not tolerate it if you hurt those we love.”

ㅡ Moonbyul


The two members expressed their gratitude towards MOOMOOs who helped them report all the malicious comments and confessed that they became determined to punish haters thanks to their fans.

“I was really thankful to MOOMOOs for capturing (the comments) and helping us report them. After seeing our fans help us like this, I felt that we should really punish the trolls.”

ㅡ Moonbyul


They concluded by warning haters not to mess with them.

“You’re going to pay for this.”

ㅡ Solar

“Yes, we won’t let you off easy. Why hurt others? Please go live your life and stop telling others what to do. Do you know how much that hurts our MOOMOOs?”

ㅡ Moonbyul


Watch the full live broadcast below:


Source: V Live