MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals Her True Personality By Sharing Her Work Ethic And Goals

“I don’t really like being still.”

For the month of August, MAMAMOO‘s Solar is the cover model for Men’s Health Korea. As a part of her duties as cover model, Solar did an interview with the magazine where she talked about her work ethic and revealed her future goals.

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The interviewer started off simple and asked her “You’re MAMAMOO’s leader, soloist, and YouTuber. That’s a lot of titles. Do you ever get lazy?”

Not really… I don’t really like being still. And, like I said, I give it my best when I start something. So I try not to go overboard and push myself beyond what I can handle. But… it’s hard not to do things. It’s my personality.


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The interviewer continued by asking her why she works so hard and she said “I don’t want to regret anything.” 

She followed this up by saying “I want to be completely satisfied with whatever I do, so I give it my best whenever I start something.”

When ending her thought she said “That’s just how I am.”

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Continuing this subject, the interviewer asked “Do you always set goals? Even for the small stuff?”

Yeah. I need to have a destination set for me to sprint there. That’s why I agreed to be on the cover of Men’s Health too. I don’t think I would’ve been able to get my body in this shape without the clear goal of being on the cover, I don’t have that self control. And now that I’m here, I don’t have any regrets. I feel happy and satisfied when I accomplish the goals I set for myself.



To wrap up this line of questioning the interviewer asked “What are your next short-term and long-term goals then?”

Short-term, to have fun on this cover shoot and making sure it looks as good as it can. Long-term, to be recognized for my musical artistry both as MAMAMOO and as soloist Solar. I’m a vocalist, after all.


| @menshealth_korea/Instagram 

We love Solar’s attitude and hope she achieves all her goals. To see more from her Men’s Health Korea interviews, check out the link below.

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