MAMAMOO’s Solar Confesses This 47-Year-Old Actor Is Actually Her Nephew

MAMAMOO’s Solar surprised everyone by revealing that she’s actually the AUNT of actor Kim Soo Ro!

Solar dropped a surprising fact when she appeared on 1 VS 100. She’s related to a famous Korean actor!


She’s related to the famous actor Kim Soo Ro!

Kim Soo Ro is a veteran actor that appeared in films such as Two Cops, Taekgukgi, Top Star and dramas such as A Gentleman’s Dignity and Reply 1988.


Although Kim Soo Ro is 20 years older and debuted years before Solar, she says he’s technically her nephew!

“Kim Soo Ro is a distant relative of the same Kim lineage but he’s one generation below me. He’s my nephew. It was interesting when he called me Auntie.” — Solar


The last name “Kim” can be differentiated into many different family lineages that trace back to which part of the country their ancestors originated. Solar and Kim Soo Ro’s “Kim” is the same, meaning they are from the same ancestry!

Solar’s birth name is Kim Yong Sun.


To add humor to the matter, they even asked her to send a video message to her famous nephew.

“I hope you have a blessed 2018. Have a New year, Mr. Kim Soo Ro, fighting.” — Solar


Needless to say, the audience was completely surprised by their unique relationship!


Source: Dispatch


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