MAMAMOO’s Solar And Sevilla FC: The K-Pop And Football Crossover No One Expected

MAMAMOO has fans from all professions.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar has a series called Just Interview on her YouTube channel, solarsido, and the next guests to appear will be Óliver Torres and Rafa Mir from Sevilla FC. Not only did Sevilla FC post about it, but the La Liga official Instagram, representing all the top professional football teams in Spain, posted about their interaction.

Sevilla FC has come to Seoul to play in a friendly against Tottenham this Saturday, and in the meantime, they were interviewed by Solar, proving that sometimes, the most unexpected of two worlds can collide.

Solar has been a football fan for years, and it turns out that Sevilla FC are fans of MAMAMOO too! They were even willing to blast MAMAMOO’s music in the stadium at that very moment. A MAMAMOO playlist to train to would undoubtedly be hype.

While the interview has yet to come out, fans can enjoy this wholesome Instagram reel of Torres and Mir joining Solar in her dance challenge for her latest solo title track “HONEY.” With almost 700,000 views and 50,000 likes on the La Liga official Instagram page, Solar is once again captivating everyone, whether they’re fans of football, K-Pop, or both.

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