MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals Just How Much Weight She’s Gained After Finishing Her Intense Diet

She gained it in just 3 days!

MAMAMOO‘s Solar made an appearance on the August 22 episode of KBS‘s Boss in the Mirror, where she shared with the viewers the aftermath of her intensive dieting regime.

MAMAMOO’s Solar | @solarkeem/Instagram

For the past few weeks, the singer had started to make headline after headline for her newly transformed physique. While the MAMAMOO member has always boasted an incredible figure, the talented singer recently underwent a crazy transformation for her Men’s Health Korea cover.

Solar for “Men’s Health Korea.”

To no one’s surprise, Solar slayed the cover, which she would have done with or without the diet. However, she revealed on her YouTube channel the lengths that she went through in order to prepare for the men’s magazine photoshoot.

The MAMAMOO member shared with her fans in a behind-the-scenes video that she lost around 8 kilograms (18 lbs) in just 2 months through her intense diet. However, following the wrap of her magazine shoot, Solar ended her dieting ways and went back to her normal lifestyle.

| Men’s Health Korea

It was during her time on the most recent episode of Boss in the Mirror that the singer revealed her life following the conclusion of her diet. Solar shared with the viewers that as soon as the Men’s Health Korea shoot ended, she indulged and ate all of the food she couldn’t eat during her two month long diet.

Solar on “Boss in the Mirror” | KBS

Even before the diet, I never ate a large quantity to begin with. However, my appetite grew after my diet. I think it’s because now, there is a compulsion to catch up and eat all of the food I couldn’t eat in the past two months.

— MAMAMOO’s Solar on “Boss in the Mirror”

It was following her comment that Solar confessed how much of the 8 kilograms (18 lbs) she gained after her diet ended.

I lost 8 kilograms (18 lbs) but in a span of just 3 days, I gained 7 kilograms (15 lbs) back.

— MAMAMOO’s Solar on “Boss in the Mirror”

She continued by revealing exactly what foods she’s been indulging in that may have contributed to her weight gain.

I think I ate all the foods there were to be eaten. Yakgwa, kimchi stew, pork belly, soy bean stew, hamburgers, pizza, etc. I eat from the moment I wake up, to the moment that I sleep.

— MAMAMOO’s Solar on “Boss in the Mirror”

The talented and gorgeous singer concluded the dieting segment by sharing that her two month long diet topped all of the hardships she’s gone through as a MAMAMOO member.

During my time promoting as a MAMAMOO member, there have been many hardships, but there have also been many positives as well. However, when it comes to physical hardships, this was the hardest.

— MAMAMOO’s Solar on “Boss in the Mirror”

You can check out MAMAMOO’s Solar on Boss in the Mirror down below!

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