MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals The Results Of Her Weight Loss Journey In Before And After Photos

She dropped her body fat by 10% in only two months.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar went on a two-month fitness journey in preparation for her Men’s Health cover. Recently, she shared the results of her weight loss and the changes she experienced on Boss in the Mirror.

Men’s Health, August 2021 | @solarkeem/Instagram

Solar’s body fat went from 22.4% to 13% in two months. Some of the most considerable changes appeared in her shoulders and waist.

She shared that she now feels more confident to wear clothes that she didn’t want to wear before because now she believes they look better on her smaller waist.

| @solarkeem/Instagram

When the MCs asked if she felt a change, she revealed that it was the first time in her life that she was able to do a workout without her waist folding.

Though she is slim, Solar built a lot of muscle during this time!

| @solarkeem/Instagram