MAMAMOO’s Wheein Releases An Official Statement About Her Leaving RBW Entertainment

She released it through her personal Instagram.

Previously, it was reported that MAMAMOO‘s Wheein would be leaving RBW Entertainment. She will still be a part of MAMAMOO however. While the company has already made their official statement on the matter, Wheein released her personal statement just recently on June 12, 2021.

Wheein thanked fans and the staff of RBW Entertainment thoroughly, promising to continue working on good music to repay their support.

Hello. This is MAMAMOO’s Wheein. I believe our MooMoos and everyone who has been supporting us, would have already heard the news through official articles.

I will be preparing to leave RBW Entertainment for a new environment. RBW Entertainment was much like a hometown to me, having spent 10 years there since I was a trainee, laughing and crying together as they helped me rise to the position I’m in now.

As I too, lead my own life, this is something I’m taking on for the first time and so I do feel various emotions as well as that this is all so unfamiliar and difficult for me.

It was due to the long time that the RBW Family spent with me, working hard for me, that I was able to receive such huge amounts of live. I sincerely send my gratitude!

Our MooMoos, that spent the brightest 7 years of my life, my youth, with me, I’m truly thankful. I will work harder in the future at promotions and repay you with good much, in order to spend happier days with MooMoos and the members.

The four members of MAMAMOO will all always be by everyone’s side.

I will engrave everyone’s worry, concerned words and abundant cheers in my heart and continue to live strong and cool.


We wish her all the best!