MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Is Collaborating With Dua Lipa And These 10 Tweets Prove How Proud MooMoos Are For Her

MAMAMOO is starting their “world domination”. Are you ready?

RBW Entertainment recently confirmed in a tweet from their official account that MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa and Dua Lipa would be collaborating on a remix of Dua Lipa’s song “Physical”.

Dua Lipa also posted about the collaboration with the word “surprise” on her official Twitter account.

The collaboration between the two talented performers will be released on March 18 at 12 p.m. KST.

Fans had started to ask for a collaboration between the two when Dua Lipa performed at the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) — Hwasa performed a cover of Dua Lipa’s song “New Rules” at the same stage.

With this latest development, MooMoos around the world couldn’t help but feel proud for Hwasa and MAMAMOO as a group!

Here are the top tweets that express how happy MooMoos are for this amazing accomplishment.

1. Hwasa saw a chance and took her shot successfully

2. A world tour doesn’t sound so impossible now, does it?

3. This is why MooMoos have trust issues

4. This collaboration may open more doors for MAMAMOO, too

5. Maybe this is the moment when she started to plan the collaboration

6. Collab of the century, anyone?

7. Great things come from humble beginnings, after all

8. MooMoos worldwide are shaking in excitement

9. Talent recognizing talent

10. Women supporting other women is the kind of content everyone needs to see

Are you excited for the collaboration between Dua Lipa and Hwasa, too?