MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Wins Awards And Praise For Promoting Korean Food

Hwasa is the new queen of mukbang and the awards prove it!

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa sold out “Gopchang (곱창, cattle intestines cooked similar to chitterlings)” all over the country the last time she appeared on I Live Alone and had quite a festive lunch by herself.

MAMAMOO Hwasa’s “Mukbang” Sold Out This Dish All Over Korea


Since then, a South Korean by-product meat association has awarded Hwasa with a trophy of appreciation for promoting the “Gopchang” dish and increasing the ingredients’ sales.

The latest episode of I Live Alone showed the hosts presenting her with this honorable award. Hwasa was thrilled to receive the trophy, along with gift certificates for even more “Gopchang”!


On that same episode Hwasa the Gopchang Goddess received the award, she had another hearty meal fit for a rising “Mukbang (먹방, food eating video)” legend, introducing two more traditional Korean menus — “Gaejang (게장, marinated raw crabs)” and “Gimboogak (김 부각, crunchy fried seaweed snacks)”.


While a lot of viewers thought the marinated crabs would become another sellout dish, it was the seaweed snack that stole the thunder. As she crunched through these “Gimboogak” pieces, Hwasa unintentionally sold the delicacy out nationwide yet again!

Social media platforms began sharing home recipes for how to make “Gimboogak” snacks, for people who weren’t able to place an order before the commercial ones sold out!


And to that episode, Jirisan Hue Maker, a popular company that makes and sells “Gimboogak” snacks, shared on its official Instagram page that it custom-made another appreciation trophy for Hwasa!

“We acknowledge your love and interest in “Gimboogak” snacks and appreciate the fact you promoted its sales by sharing it in I Live Alone. You have tremendously increased the seaweed snack sales for Jirisan Hue Maker company and we are sincerely grateful for it. Thank you.”

— Jirisan Hue Maker 


Hwasa will now own not one, but two very unique and special trophies celebrating her love for food and her ability to make the viewers crave what she is eating! She is indeed the queen of “Mukbang” and fans look forward to what is next on her yummy list!


  • “Queen Hwasa. She can always make me hungry.”

  • “I watched this on TV. She was devouring the seaweed snacks and it drove me nuts. I want some so bad…”

  • “Can she get one for marinated crabs too? She deserves it.”

  • “OH that’s what Gimboogak is? I thought it was a name of some politician. It was on the most searched keywords list all day…”

  • “The impact this girl has…!”


Watch Hwasa drive the viewers insane while she prepares the marinated raw crabs:

Source: Insight and Instiz