Fans Are Discovering MAMAMOO’s Unedited Killing Voice Performance And It’s Show-stopping To Say The Least

Did the queens of live performance need autotune?

YouTube channel Dingo Music‘s show Killing Voice is known for featuring Korean artists who come to perform their songs completely live. No wonder participating in this show has become synonymous with being a good vocalist!

When it comes to live vocals, there is hardly any match of MAMAMOO. With 37 million views, their Killing Voice performance is the second most watched video on the channel currently.

However, it is a known secret that all recorded live performances that are later released officially contain some level of audio processing to polish the sound and correct pitch errors here and there. In a live performance, it is impossible to control audio levels completely. So, this is a standard practice, not only in K-Pop but across music industries.

Two years ago, MAMAMOO performed a medley of some of their hit songs on Killing Voice but the day the performance was supposed to be released, the channel mistakenly uploaded the raw recorded version. Though the video was taken down swiflty and they reuploaded the edited version, some MooMoos managed to get their hands on the raw version.

But it wasn’t until recently that more fans on twitter started discovering this fact!

The raw version was reuploaded on YouTube by a channel called Mr. Ememoo. Ever since MooMoos got their hands on the video, it has been steadily growing its reach.

Even though there was never any doubt regardging MAMAMOO’s vocal expertise, this raw live performance has once again proved that the quatret truly deserve their title as the vocal queens of K-Pop. After listening to it, MooMoos are sure that even if Dingo Music had the unedited version up on their channel, their favorite girls would have wow-ed the audience just the same!

Fun fact: MAMAMOO was the first K-Pop girl group invited to the Killing Voice show. Before them, all the performers were either soloists or rappers!

A previous version of the article said that MAMAMOO performed at the “Dingo Killing Voice” show a year ago. They performed two years ago, in 2020.