Man Who Filmed Hidden Camera Videos Of Shin Sekyun and Apink’s Bomi Suggested 2 Year Sentence

He was caught filming the celebrities last year.

The prosecution has suggested a two years sentence for Kim (30), the man who installed cameras and filmed hidden videos of Shin Sekyung and Apink‘s Bomi while they were abroad to film Olive TV‘s Pocha Beyond Borders in September of 2018.

The prosecution has stated that the filming of non-consensual camera videos is illegal and a serious crime. Since the victims are public figures, the impact is said to be bigger.

Kim had planted the hidden camera by buying a secret camera in the form of a battery. The man has been revealed to be a staff member of the shoot, and the camera was spotted by Shin Sekyung.

Kim has admitted to his crimes. His lawyer has apologized on behalf of the victims but has also said that Kim has had no prior convictions and that he did not take the videos and images from the camera.

The final sentence against Kim will be held on June 10, 2019.

Source: Daum