(★UPDATE) Man With Knife Stabs Jung Yoora’s Guest 10cm Deep While Attempting To Rob Her

Further details regarding the violent attack on Choi Soon Sil’s daughter have been revealed.

(★BREAKING) Daughter Of Choi Soon Sil Attacked By Man Armed With Knife At Her Own Home

The culprit, a man in his 40s, disguised himself as a package delivery man and strong-armed his way into Jung Yoo Ra’s home late last night.

At the time, Jung Yoo Ra was in her apartment with her horse’s caretaker who took the brunt of the attacker’s malice.

The horse caretaker was taken to the hospital with a 10cm deep stab wound in the waist (near his lungs) and bled profusely but was not mortally wounded.

The attacker claims to have targetted Jung Yoo Ra in the hopes of acquiring money to resolve his personal debts.

“I went into commit the crime because I have so much debt on my credit card. I thought she would have a lot of money so I broke into her place.

Jung Yoo Ra’s assailant

Image Credit: VCG Photo

Source: Jemin