Man Sneaks On Stage With TWICE During Concert – Here’s What We Know

“They can either do two things – kick me out, or call the police.”

A man (Lafalle) claiming to be TWICE photographer released photos from their recent concert at Tokyo Dome, claiming to have also met TWICE backstage. 

The man originally shared his story on the Facebook Group, “Subtle Asian Traits”.

However, his story quickly changed when ONCE reaction to his story wasn’t what he expected. Fans demanded to know why he released photos on his personal Twitter account and began finding holes in his story.

The Facts

TWICE performed at Tokyo Dome on two nights: March 29 and March 30. The girls wore white shirts on the 29th and black shirts on the 30th. The photos that TWICE released on Instagram were with them wearing white shirts on March 29.

The photographer released photos on his personal Twitter handle, @lafalafalle, from March 30th. No official photos from that night had been released and TWICE has yet to post these photos on social media. The original tweets were deleted but photos have been reshared on fan accounts.

The photos were taken from multiple angles and at different sides of the stadium, making it impossible to have been taken by one person unless they were running around the stadium. 

The Lies

@lafalafalle began receiving messages from ONCE asking how he had gotten backstage, concerned for TWICE’s safety if sasaeng fans managed to sneak backstage.

In response, he deleted his original Facebook post and made an announcement on Twitter and denied ever being a photographer for TWICE. 

Instead, he claims it was a joke amongst friends and that a private source sent him the photos of TWICE. In response to angry messages, @lafalafalle spoke to one fan, @jihyotheist (Twitter) through a chatroom.

His second tweet, claiming that he lied.

Answering Questions

In the conversations, @lafalafalle reveals that it was “a colleague of a contact of a contact of my fathers” who took the stage photos and sent them to him. 

ONCE: Who took the stage photos?
@lafalafalle: A contact of my fathers. Well, I mean to be more specific, a colleague of a contact of a contact of my fathers.
ONCE: Actually, which picture did you even take? Let’s start there.
@lafalafalle: All the pictures on the right of the stage in the arena.

He continues on to claim that he wasn’t actually close to the stage at all. He states that he used a camera with digital zoom and a large, professional lens.

ONCE: How did you get so close to the stage?
@lafalafalle: Didn’t. Just a 70-200mm lens with a digital camera that can do its own digital zoom.


Fans still found more holes in his story. Who was his father’s friend and why did he leak photos? Did @lafalafalle really just sneak multiple, large professional lenses into their concert, without anyone knowing for finding out?

ONCE believe that’s impossible. Japanese concerts are notorious for being almost impossible to sneak even small cameras and lenses into. Even veteran Korean fan site masters struggle to take great photos. 

Another ONCE on Twitter accused @lafalafalle of pretending to be a staff member and sneaking into the concert. They even claim that he told them before sneaking into the concert.

it was ridiculous. my friends and i thought he was joking around like a dickhead and we were like ‘uhh not a good idea’ ‘why would you do that’ ‘that’s a safety breach’ ‘if you get caught you’ll be fucked’ but it didn’t deter him!!! he didn’t care!!

‘they can either do two things – kick me out, or call the police’ is literally along the lines of something he said like how fucking dumb do you have to be to approach 3 fans and tell them you’re gonna attempt to sneak in like. it’s almost TOO dumb…


After Koreaboo reached out to @lafalafalle on Twitter, he temporarily deactivated his Twitter account. The account has since be reactivated, but he has not responded to our inquiry.

Source: @lafalafalle, @jihyotheist, @tzuyuday and @jeongyeongf