Netizens Praise Manager Sejin For Protecting ENHYPEN’s Sunoo At Gimpo Airport In The Same Way He Did For BTS

Manager Sejin will always protect HYBE idols!

When it comes to the cutthroat world of K-Pop, it can not only be a tough industry to be in but also lonely. Aside from your members, if you’re in an idol group, it can be possible to seem cut off from those in your life due to busy schedules.

However, one person who is so vital to a K-Pop idol is their manager, and netizens love seeing wholesome interactions between them. One manager that has always gained attention from netizens is Manager Sejin, also known as the former manager of BTS.

BTS’s V (left) and manager Sejin (right)

Over the years, the HYBE employee gained love and admiration from ARMY for the way he’s been with the members.

Sejin had been with the group since before they debuted. He has always showcased so much love and respect for BTS, including looking after them in big crowds and events.

BTS’s Jungkook (left) and Manager Sejin (left)
BTS’s Suga (left) and Manager Sejin (right)

Although netizens hadn’t seen him for a while, many couldn’t hide their excitement when it was revealed that he was now working as the manager for BTS’s junior artists ENHYPEN.

Members of ENHYPEN | BE:LIFT

When ENHYPEN traveled to Germany for the KPOP.FLEX festival in Frankfurt. Of course, the members gained attention for their visuals at the airport as they made their way through fans and media.

Well, eagle-eyed netizens noticed someone familiar with the group, and it was none other than Sejin! As the members made their way through the airport, netizens noticed that Sejin was walking with the members and carrying their bags as the group interacted with fans.

It seems like, even though manager Sejin is with a new group, he’s just as protective of ENHYPEN as he was with BTS.

On September 4, ENHYPEN returned to Korea after some time in Japan for the recent &AUDITION – The Howling final. Although fans in Japan had been calm, netizens instantly noticed how dangerous fans at Gimpo Airport were towards the group.

| RNX TV Korea Ent/YouTube

In particular, members like Heeseung and Jake were pushed by fans because of the crowds.

| RNX TV Korea Ent/YouTube

However, as heartbreaking as it was to watch for fans, there was some reassurance. While Sunoo was making his way through the airport, netizens noticed that manager Sejin was by his side the entire time. As they entered the main part of the airport, Sejin moved Sunoo behind him.

When they were walking through the crowds to get to the car, he had his arms linked with Sunoo so that the idol wouldn’t break away from him or get injured.

| RNX TV Korea Ent/YouTube

After the videos were shared, netizens couldn’t stop praising manager Sejin for protecting ENHYPEN.

They shared just how grateful they felt that he was there for the group, sharing how he protected BTS and was now doing it for their juniors.

In the past, manager Sejin has always been praised for his dedication to protecting his artists. Although fans loved his playful interactions with BTS, it was the way he protected them in large crowds.

Although the security could’ve been tighter, it is always reassuring to know that Manager Sejin will always be there to try and protect the members of ENHYPEN.

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