Måneskin’s Damiano David Wants To Collaborate With BLACKPINK — And BLINKs Are Ready For More Of Rockstar Rosé

The question is, could we handle it?

Italian glam rock band Måneskin is one of the latest in the long list of celebrities to become a fan of BLACKPINK. So much so that they’re more than ready to collaborate with them!

Måneskin | @thisismaneskin/Twitter

BLACKPINK were easily the main event at MTV‘s Video Music Awards (or VMAs). They showed off their flawless visuals on the red carpet…


…and proved their icon status by ending the night with two awards; one as a group for “Best Metaverse Performance,” and one for “Best K-Pop” for Lisa, who won for her solo, “LALISA.”

The event saw multiple celebrities let out their inner BLINKs. Taylor Swift and Dylan O’Brien were seen enthusiastically singing along to BLACKPINK’s performance of “Pink Venom”…

…and Dylan O’Brien even revealed himself to be Lisa-biased.

Måneskin, who also won the award for “Best Alternative Video,” joined the ranks of celebrity BLINKs when an interview on Vanity Fair’s TikTok showed vocalist Damiano David claiming that the celebrity they most wanted to take a selfie with was BLACKPINK.

Måneskin | Vanity Fair/TikTok 

But he doesn’t just want a selfie—he wants a collaboration too. When asked who they would pick to join Måneskin, bassist Victoria De Angelis declared she’d be excited to work with Nicki Minaj.

| @GIRL0VESICK/Twitter 

Damiano David, however, had his sights set on BLACKPINK. When he was offered the microphone, he said, “The whole BLACKPINK group.” The interviewer excitedly replied, “A double collab, I love it!”

| @GIRL0VESICK/Twitter

BLINKs in the comments more than welcomed the idea. One hilariously said, “Damiano, please take them to Italy”…

…while others got excited at the idea of BLACKPINK’s Rosé getting the opportunity to unleash her inner rockstar.

It’s safe to say that a collaboration between these two groups would be more than iconic, so fans are already waiting. Collab when?

Watch the full clip of Måneskin right here!

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