How Many Servings? Korean Mukbang YouTuber Tzuyang Eats An “Appetizer Amount” Of Food When She’s Not Filming Her Mukbangs

Her definition of “appetizer” is clearly very different.

Popular Korean mukbang YouTuber Tzuyang recently revealed how much she eats on a regular day when not broadcasting.

YouTuber Tzuyang | tzuyang/YouTube

On comedian Park Myung Soo‘s radio show on KBS CoolFM on July 13, Tzuyang talked with the host and revealed her updated weight. Earlier this year, on Knowing Bros, she shared her health condition and revealed her weight was in the 40s in kilograms. She also shared that she does not work out.

| Knowing Bros

Now, the mukbang YouTuber weighs more because she started working out.

I used to weigh 47 kg, but I gained some weight, and now I weight around 50 kg because I’ve been working out a lot. I started going to the gym three months ago.

— Tzuyang

Radio listeners were surprised to hear that she gained three kilograms because she looks so slim—which may mean she gained weight in muscle. When asked if she started exercising because of health issues, Tzuyang denied having any health problems.

Tzuyang (left) and Park Myung Soo (right) | KBS CoolFM

Park Myung Soo also asked her what she would have for lunch that day after the radio show. Tzuyang replied that she hadn’t eaten breakfast yet and would have pork cutlets later. Curious about how much she eats on an ordinary day, Park Myung Soo asked how many servings of pork cutlets she would eat for lunch. Tzuyang replied that she would eat a “basic amount.”

When I eat pork cutlets, I usually have three servings as a basic amount… When I’m not doing broadcasts, I can’t eat much outside [at restaurants]. I’m the type to take a long time eating, so I feel bad.

— Tzuyang

When Park Myung Soo asked if three pork cutlets filled her up, she said it was “like an appetizer” that does not fill her stomach.

| tzuyang/YouTuber

Tzuyang then recalled when she realized she could eat more than others. In middle school, she noticeably ate a lot more than her peers.

When I was in middle school, I briefly lived at my grandmother’s house. She cooked huge portions, and I ate everything she made me. And while my friends would eat one or two bags of chips when snacking, I ate six or seven packs. That’s when I realized that I eat a lot.

— Tzuyang

She also recalled when she was 20 years old and couldn’t afford expensive meals. She would go to all-you-can-eat buffets but felt terrible for the restaurants because of how much she ate.

I went to all-you-can-eat restaurants a lot back then. I felt so sorry for the owners because of how much I ate. After that, I never went back to those restaurants.

— Tzuyang

| @tzuyang70/Instagram

With over 8.49 million subscribers (as of this article), Tzuyang has become one of the top mukbang YouTubers. She recently helped her parents buy a new house and a car with her significant income from her videos.


Source: Xsports News