Famous Mukbang YouTuber, Tzuyang, Finally Reveals Her Weight And Health Condition

You’ll never guess!

One of the most famous Mukbang YouTubers in the world, Tzuyang, has finally revealed her weight. Mukbangers eat insane amounts of food each time they stream. As a Mukbanger with close to 8 million subscribers, many are delighted to watch Tzuyang injest huge plates of food.

On a recent episode of Knowing Bros, Tzuyang explained that she had gone for a hospital check-up. They declared she was in the pink of health! Many Mukbangers or overeaters face the problem of overexpanding their stomach. The doctors told Tzuyang that her stomach was the same size as the average human’s.

Not only that, her stomach was pretty elastic and she also could digest food faster than others. The most surprising part? Tzuyang doesn’t exercise at all.

In fact, she was heavier before she became a Mukbanger. Tzuyang revealed that she was originally around the early 50kgs (110 ~ 121 lbs) After she started streaming and eating, her weight dropped to the 40s (88 ~ 108 lbs).

The guests could not hide their shock.

Guest being shocked at the revelation. | Knowing Bros

Seems like most of her health can be credited to good genes and her young age!

Source: theqoo