Marie Claire Editor Defines The Unexpected Concept Behind TXT Soobin’s Latest Pictorial

Although the concept maybe wasn’t intentional, the photographs fit the meme perfectly.

TXT‘s Soobin recently shocked his fans with his incredible visuals in a Marie Claire solo pictorial shoot.

TXT’s Soobin | @yericsol/Instagram

Of course, his fans found the photos to be stunning, not only with the idol’s handsomeness but also because of how wonderfully he pulled off the concept.

They also praised his professionalism in his first professional solo pictorial shoot.

In many of the photographs for the shoot, Soobin poses amidst furniture that gives off “grandma pattern” vibes. It’s difficult to look at the floral carpet and sofa and not think that they’re the perfect addition for an old-fashioned tea room or a fancy sitting room.

| @yericsol/Instagram

And while that may not have been the initial intent for the shoot, the feature image editor for Marie Claire, Kang Ye Sol, recently posted some of the photos from the shoot to her Instagram account.

Her caption for the photographs reads, “Now that I’m done with this, I’m realizing it’s that concept. “The picture of my grandmother’s first love I found in her closet.”

That concept” that the editor is referencing is the “grandmother’s first love” meme that is popular within the K-Pop fan community.

A meme that even BTS‘s V joined in on using.

The meme format is to essentially take photos and edit them with filters that make them look older, like the photographs that women might have kept when they sent their first loves off to war. Later, they would show those images to their family members as they told them about their first loves.

BTS’s V posting a photo of the “grandmother’s first love” type meme | @thv/Instagram

And while the editor may not have initially realized that Soobin’s recent shoot fit that concept…

| @yericsol/Instagram

The idol’s effortless visuals certainly lend themselves to fitting the innocent “first love” kind of image. And the setting of the photoshoot certainly gives itself a more antiquated vibe.

| @yericsol/Instagram

And just like if these were photos that someone had taken of their first love, Marie Claire Soobin will never be forgotten.