Mark Crashes NCT Dream’s Live For A Long-Awaited OT7 Reunion

Jaemin and Jisung couldn’t keep straight faces.

After the confusion that followed SM Entertainment‘s announcement of NCT Dream adopting a similar system to NCT U, fans were happy to hear that all seven original members would eventually be together once again.

Thanks to the group’s latest live broadcast, that happened sooner than NCTzens thought.

It started like any other. Sporting their stage outfits from their “Ridin'” comeback stage, they greeted fans like they always do.

Less than two minutes later, Jaemin and Jisung began to act suspiciously, laughing and looking down. Chenle couldn’t keep his eyes away from the spot either. That’s when someone popped out of their hiding spot.

As if it had been completely ordinary, Mark stood up from behind Haechan and walked off. No one could keep a straight face except for Jeno.

They teased fans by pretending to ignore what had just happened. Haechan joked, “Mark? Who’s Mark?” They couldn’t stop themselves from laughing, let alone fooling NCTzens.

Although Mark didn’t say much, he did appear once more before ending the live broadcast with them. Renjun even moved the angle of the camera to fit everyone in the frame.

Not only did Mark appear in the clip, but he also snapped photos with them to celebrate their “Ridin'” promotions. Since he’d cheered on the dreamies during their “BOOM” promotions, he treated them once more to some bubble tea.

Although it’s not a full OT7 NCT Dream comeback, NCTzens love to see them together. Watch Mark make a surprise appearance, beginning at 1:54.