NCT 127 Realizes How Mark Makes People Focus On Him With Just One Word

All it takes is one word.

Many fans would know already that NCT‘s Mark has a habit of speech. He always uses the word “honestly” and “a little” in front of sentences! Sometimes, he doesn’t even realize it. On a recent episode of MMTG, host JaeJae realized the power of this little habit of Mark’s.

JaeJae pointed out that whenever Mark speaks up to add on to the conversation, he would always habitually start his sentence with “honestly” or “but”. This pre-fix of his own ends up making everyone anticipate his next sentence, thus drawing attention to himself.

Mark never realized the power he held until that day!

The theory was proven repeatedly throughout the episode. Whenever Mark spoke up, all heads turned to him immediately.

JaeJae concluded that although Mark’s words might not be hugely impactful, the way he says it makes everyone focus on him at once. What power!

Check out the moment of epiphany below.