Mark Millar Hopes To Work With BTS For Next ‘Kingsman’ Movies

This is truly the power of ARMY!

The writer of the movie Kingsman was able to experience the power of the BTS ARMY this holiday season. Mark Millar and his family visited Finland for the holidays. They however lost a family teddy bear at the ski shop in SantasLapland only after they had returned home. This bear was something that was in their family for 37 years and they were devastated that they had left it behind. An ARMY happened to see his post about it and decided to take action.





On December 19, Millar posted his message about the missing bear.




The Finland ARMY made a post about the missing bear and everyone worked together to try and find the bear for him.




Millar thanked ARMYs for working so hard to get the bear safely back to his family. He was shocked at how many ARMYs helped in making this possible.




He continued with another post saying that this was truly a miracle. He also added that BTS must be very proud to have ARMY by their side.




A fellow ARMY sent Millar a link to a video of BTS’s “Dionysus” performance and let him know that it was a Kingsman themed performance. Millar was thrilled to see how much of an impact his movie had in Korea.




He hoped to visit Korea next year to thank all the fans for their support.




In regards to a fan’s recommendation, Millar answered saying that it would be “very cool” to work with BTS in one of the upcoming movies.




He also found out it was V’s birthday and thought it was great that everyone was celebrating it together.




I guess we should be looking out for a collaboration between BTS and Millar sometime in the future!