Maroo Entertainment Announces Taeseung And Dongjun Will Leave GHOST9

They have left the group after under 1 year.

Maroo Entertainment has announced Taeseung and Dongjun will be leaving GHOST9.


Maroo Entertainment shared the announcement through a post on the group’s official Twitter account.

Hello, this is Maroo Entertainment.

We would like to share our announcement about Lee Taeseung and Hwang Dongjun. They have been promoting with GHOST9 up until now, and they will be concluding their promotions with GHOST9.

We have held lengthy conversations with both Taeseung and Dongjun about their future career paths, and after these discussions and respecting their opinions, they will be ending their activities as GHOST9 members.

Although their group activities have ended, please continue to support them in their new chapters of their lives. We will also continue to support them.

GHOST9 is currently working hard on their new album, and we would like to thank the fans for their love and support.

Please give a lot of support to GHOST9, who will return with a new look.

Thank you,

— Maroo Entertainment

GHOST9 debuted in September 2020 with many of their members participating in Produce X 101 and MIXNINE.