Maroo Entertainment Teases New Boy Group, GHOST9 With A Unique Strategy – An Animated Cartoon Group

Are you ready to meet GLEEZ and GHOST9?

Maroo Entertainment, home to former Wanna One‘s Park Jihoon and more, is planning a new boy group, called GHOST9. Set to debut in September, the team is said to have great chemistry. They will also be launching a series of 9 animated characters called GLEEZ, which is said to be the companions and symbolistic characters for each of the GHOST9 members.

The animated characters are a part of their plan to go global, being a way to connect more with fans. On September 2, Maroo Entertainment released the GLEEZ concept poster ahead of any teaser for GHOST9. The unique strategy made everyone curious about the group.

| Maroo Entertainment

GLEEZ also has its own social media account. On its YouTube, they have released a short clip of an animated cartoon for GLEEZ. The high quality of the animation is drawing lots of praise. The cartoon sets the platform for GHOST9’s concept and universe, with the GLEEZ characters soon meeting the GHOST9 members.

GLEEZ stands for “Ghosts Living In An Empty Earth”. They will meet their “soulmates”, the GHOST9 members, and support them on their journey.

| Maroo Entertainment

GHOST9 will consist of 9 members, including the 3 members from Teen Teen, Produce 101‘s Lee Jinwoo, Lee Woojin and Lee Taeseung. They are set to debut in September. Catch the adorable animation below.

Source: Star Today