Marvel Comics Introduces New South Korean Superhero

More Korean representation is on its way!

Marvel Comics has introduced a new Korean superhero! On February 5th, Marvel Comics’ writer Jed Mackay retweeted a tweet from PREVIEWSworld regarding the upcoming Taskmaster comic. Taskmaster is a villain who will be up against the famous Avenger, Black Widow.

When reading the text of the preview, it appears that Taskmaster will go against “Taegukgi,” a superhero from South Korea’s national superhuman espionage agency.


“Taegukgi” is the word for the South Korean flag, making fans think that the hero has a Captain America feel. This is heightened by the fact that the hero has bulging muscles and a flag on his chest. A few fans have been calling him “Captain Korea.”


Nothing else has been revealed yet however many Korean Marvel fans are excited for the hero and hope he will appear more often.

  • I hope Taegukgi becomes popular so he can reappear.”
  • Marvel has a character representing Korea!
  • I feel proud.

While this is technically not Marvel’s first Korean superhero, it is their first with obvious Korean motifs and the most likely to gain popularity as he will fight in a Black Widow comic. Their other characters include Korean-American Amadeus Cho (Mastermind Excello), Seol Hee (Luna Snow), Dan Bi (Crescent), Chance, Korean-American Cindy Moon (Silk), and Ami Han (White Fox).

Source: Insight