Marvel Director Taika Waititi Is A Huge “Squid Game” Fan, And Here’s His View On People Watching With English Dubbing

You can’t fault his reasoning!

Ever since the show started airing on NetflixSquid Game has gained popularity worldwide. Despite its dark storyline and violent nature, viewers have fallen in love with the K-Drama seeing the actors shoot to fame and a spotlight shone on the show.

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Yet, one person who has recently gained attention for his love of the series is Marvel director Taika Waititi! Known for directing Thor: Ragnarok and his iconic role as Korg, Waititi has also produced a number of television series based on different topics and combining serious issues with comedy.

On his social media, Waititi recently showcased that he had been watching the series by giving some advice to fans on the best way to watch it.

Taika Waititi | @taikawaititi/ Instagram

Since the K-Drama has gained attention worldwide, many viewers may not be used to watching shows in different languages. With this, many expressed that they have been watching the show with English dubs.

In his tweet, Waititi tried to move viewers away from it, explaining, “You don’t have to watch Squid Game dubbed in English.”

After sending the tweet out, both Korean and English fans shared their thoughts on the topic, including actor Elijah Wood. For many, they were happy to see Waititi sharing these thoughts and trying to persuade viewers to watch the original version and enjoy the acting of the cast.

Yet, it also sparked a debate on social media, to which Waititi replied to many. In particular, one user praised the English dubbing and the casting of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders as the leads, including Greg Chun.

Waititi had to agree that the actors had done an amazing job in their roles but shared that his love of the Korean language led him to voice this view.

As always, it seems as if more and more people are falling in love with Korean culture through K-Dramas and K-Pop. Whether people choose to watch it with dubs or not, there is no doubting its global dominance! You can read more about the show below.

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