Maskless Man Harasses A H Mart Manager And Shoppers After Refusing To Wear A Mask — So Korean Ladies Fight Back

This was after he physically assaulted the manager with his shopping cart.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

A few days ago on August 7, a maskless man entered the H Mart located in Arcadia, California and caused a scene when he was asked to wear a mask.

Maskless man getting in the face of the H Mart manager | @emileeetan/Instagram

An H Mart shopper @emilieeetan uploaded the video onto her Instagram account, which has since gone viral as the video continues to make headlines and gets reposted on other social media sites. The video featured a white man harassing the manager who called him out on his anti-masking ways. When he was asked to put on a mask, it was reported that “the man was asked to leave since he was not wearing a mask, but he hit the store manager with his shopping cart and threatened to sue.” 

Maskless man getting in the face of the H Mart manager | @emileeetan/Instagram

The county of Los Angeles, where Arcadia is located, has recently reinstated their mask mandate after the surge of the Delta COVID-19 variant cases. This means that the H Mart was following the law by requiring all of their customers to wear a mask while shopping — including the maskless man.

What followed suit was a threatening altercation between the man, the manager, and the Korean ladies who were shopping in the store. In the clip provided by @emileeetan, viewers can see the maskless man getting in the face of the H Mart manager, who is requesting for the man to leave following his refusal to wear a mask. Mind you, this is following the man’s physical attack on the manager with his shopping cart.

In the original clip provided by a fellow H Mart shopper, Korean women can be heard yelling at the man to leave the grocery store, with one woman stating that he was “being aggressive to [them.]” Following her comment, the maskless man then tries to get in the woman’s face, but not before the manager blocks him with his body.

As the man continues to attempt to get in the women’s faces, the manager continues to block with his body to shield his customers. The manager then tells the anti-masker to leave the store, once more.

The maskless man becomes visibly more irate with the situation, as the Korean ladies tell him to “get the hell out.” It was during this time that the man made claims that the manager “assaulted him,” to which the women all chimed in by saying that “he [the manager] did not, [we] saw the whole thing.”

One particular shopper, who is dressed in black, then informs the man that he is in the wrong by sharing that he “is the only one not wearing a mask.”

Following the verbal altercation, the anti-masker began making claims that it was “illegal” for them to kick him out of the store, to which the manager sternly responded “you’re illegal,” — which reiterated the maskless man’s noncompliance with Los Angeles county’s law.

It was repeatedly stated in the video that the police were called, but no further updates can be found at this time. In the meantime, you can watch the full video of the altercation down below.

Source: Naver News