Mattel Is Having Way Too Much Fun With Their BTS Dolls

You’re never too old to play with dolls, and Mattel is proving it.

The BTS dolls are here and nobody’s more excited about it than Mattel!


Back in January, Mattel, the American toy company best known for giving the world Barbie, announced their collaboration with Big Hit Entertainment.


Although the dolls initially received mixed reactions from fans, many have been counting down the days until they could call these dolls their own.


On July 28, the dolls officially made their debut and Mattel celebrated it with memes on Twitter.


The first meme features the boys with windblown hair. It didn’t take ARMY long to track down which BTS moment inspired it.


The next meme parodied V‘s famous group slap…


…and the third one was a reaction meme, featuring Jimin.


The fourth meme tweet, featuring V and a billion emojis, encouraged fans to show their dolls lots of love.


Mattel also recreated Jin‘s waterfall…


J-Hope‘s extra excited dance…


RM‘s “Spinebreaker” style…


…and Suga‘s buffering.


One of Mattel’s most popular BTS memes is a meme-ception: i.e. a parody of a parody.


In the original clip, Jungkook removes his sunglasses while saying the first line from “DOPE”: “Welcome. First time with BTS?”


The memeing potential for these dolls is endless. Here are just some of the memes that ARMYs have created so far: