The White Horse in “The King” Is Actually a Famous Celebrity Who’s Appeared in Commercials, Dramas, and Variety Shows

Maximus has options.

The white horse named Maximus is currently gaining fans through the drama, The King: Eternal Monarch, but what most people didn’t know is that he’s actually already famous.


According to a recent report by MyDaily, Maximus is a famous horse in the Korean entertainment industry.

He’s been in multiple TV commercials for KT Olleh as well as Show Me The Money with the rapper, Dok2.

Not only that, but Maximus is already scheduled to appear on another JTBC drama following The King: Eternal Monarch.

Furthermore, he’s set to appear on the variety show, Will We Love Again 2 at the end of this month.

Maximus is gaining popularity due to his stunning appearance complimented by his shiny white coat and his elegant style.

He’s also a well-trained horse that stays calm and collected on set while flaunting his impressive activating ability.

You can check out more of Maximus in The King: Eternal Monarch on Netflix.

Source: Dispatch