MBC drama “Kill Me, Heal Me” staff speaks up about nude girl posters controversy

The production team of the popular MBC drama Kill Me, Heal Me has reported that the nude posters of a girl group member that aired during the eighth episode was all consensually and legally processed.

During the eighth episode of Kill Me, Heal Me, which aired on January 28th, a set of censored nude posters of a member from the girl group Honey Girls was shown, which soon sparked up controversy among viewers.

The controversial scene showed the mother of genius novelist Oh Ri On, or better known by his alias “Omega,” played by Park Seo Jun, cleaning her son’s room and discovering a secret room in which one of the walls is plastered with a set of nude posters.

Many viewers found that it was insensitive and disrespectful on the production team’s part for publicly broadcasting the nude posters of the idol member, despite them being censored from the neck down, claiming that it is an invasion of privacy to broadcast it without censoring the face, let alone use the photos at all.

However, the drama production agency Pan Entertainment released an official statement stating, “We scouted the woman in the posters through an official modelling agency during casting. The model wore nude-colored undergarments when taking the photos and was told that the body would be censored with mosaics when aired on television. These photos were personally taken by our staff.

The agency added, “We took the photos after making the necessary and appropriate payments for this type of photo-shoot. Therefore, it is not appropriate to call it copyright infringement.

Source: Sports Korea Media and Sports KH

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