MBC Drama “Oh My Ladylord” Faces Backlash For Lee Min Ki’s Naked Shower Scene

The producers formally addressed the sexual harassment controversy.

The new MBC drama, Oh My Ladylord just premiered, but it faced backlash as soon as the first episode premiered due to a naked shower scene starring Lee Min Ki.

The scene shows the female lead taking a visit to her old house which is now resided by the male lead.

And when the female lead stepped into the washroom, Lee Min Ki was taking his morning shower.

But what stirred up controversy was the extent of Lee Min Ki’s nudity in the scene.

Aside from a small peach emoji, his nude body was revealed for all to see, which led to many netizens expressing their discomfort, humiliation, and even referred to it as sexual harassment.

And in response to the controversy, the producers released a statement through dispatch acknowledging the issue.

We’ve acknowledged the issue. We plan to take appropriate measures to limit our viewers’ level of discomfort.


The drama is currently airing on Wednesdays and Thursdays on MBC.

Source: Dispatch