Iconic Song Performed At “2023 MBC Entertainment Awards” Is Actually A Banned One

It was banned in 2005, and again in 2022.

In celebration of the “2023 MBC Entertainment Awards,” comedian Cho Hye Ryeon (also known as Cho Hye Ryun or Cho Hye Lyun) performed “Anacana.”

Comedian Cho Hye Ryeon | ADG Company

Bringing all of her fellow comedians on stage to dance the night away, Cho put on one of the most energetic performances that Korean award ceremonies have seen!


Viewers fell in love with the vibe…

…and praised Cho for making the best out of the song.

| theqoo
  • “Ack, this was hilarious! LOL. How amazing. All of them are so cool!”
  • “Oh, I had so much fun watching this, haha. Kim Gu Ra’s reaction was hilarious, too.”
  • “Wow, Cho Hye Ryeon! She’s amazing, haha. This is EXACTLY why I watch entertainment award ceremonies.”
  • “She’s so out of breath, LMAO.”
  • “She summoned ALL the comedians, haha.”
  • “What even is going on?! LOL.”
  • “Even Dex got on stage with a flower in his mouth. Haha.”
  • “I didn’t know Boom, Jun Hyun Moo, and Yoo Byung Jae were comedians. HAHA.”
  • “She reminded me of performer Kim Yeon Ja.”
  • “LOL.”
  • “Oh, wow. I’m digging this vibe.”
  • “Aw… This makes me tear up a little for some reason. I love this.”

So… What even is “Anacana” about?

“Anacana” is a part of the Anacana album that Cho released in 2005, consisting of 11 “remake” tracks of Western pop songs from the 1960s to 1980s.

“Anacana” | Wikipedia

“Anacana” is a mash-up of “Wanted,” “Sexy Music,” and “Hot Stuff.”

The words for “Anacana” make little sense, as the song—and the entire album—was “English words turned into Korean as Cho heard them.”

Anacana Canaries Can He Keep Away Bari-Saw Alright… Goo So You Ipsa Spears Honey Yo Hunnies Banner Sharon Stone

— Cho Hye Ryeon’s “Anacana”

And because of how “nonsensical” it is, “Anacana” was officially banned from KBS for being “having inappropriate (vulgar) lyrics in the language of unclear origin.” In April of 2022, Cho revealed on KBS’s Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant that she and the program tried appealing the ban—but the appeal got turned down, so it remains banned for KBS.

Cho’s “Anacana” appeal getting a text message reading, “Decision: Banned” | KBS

Looks like it’s KBS’s loss, though, because MBC had one heck of a time letting Cho perform “Anacana.”

Cho teasing Kim Gu Ra during the performance. | MBC

Watch the original performance of “Anacana” here.

Source: Newsen and theqoo