This New K-Pop “Fansite” Totally Won April Fools’ Day, According To Netizens

Wait, WHO did this?!

From K-Pop fans to fansites, almost everyone on Twitter participated in April Fools’ Day in some way. However, the most surprising and impressive prank of all came from none other than MBC‘s Twitter account!

To celebrate, MBC changed to a K-Pop idol fansite by the name of “y laboratory.” Even their first tweet conveyed the love of a dedicated fansite master!


I cherish you because the love you give me back is bigger than the love I give you.

— y laboratory.

Next, a series of stunning original photos followed, beautifully capturing idols and celebrities in motion. Check out some of the best photos below!

1. Younghoon (THE BOYZ)


3. I.N. (Stray Kids)

4. Jang Wonyoung (IVE)

5. Wooyoung (ATEEZ)

6. Jaehyun (NCT)

In the end, the legendary fansite left as fast as they came and exited with an equally poetic tweet.


I will always remember your gentle smile that light up the gray winter. Every time I see you guys doing your best on stage, my heart is filled with happiness.

Let’s meet again

— y laboratory.

The temporary fansite was a hit among netizens who were taken aback by the sudden stunning photos. Let’s hope one day we can meet y laboratory. again!

  • “Wow they take such good pictures, I watched this in awe lol”
  • “Ah MBC knows how to play lmao. We got new Jaehyun pictures♡”
  • “Are you sure the staff doesn’t have personal experience in this??? LOL”
  • “Wow I want them to take pictures of my bias too lol”
Source: theqoo