MBC Is Under Fire After Three-Time DUI Convict Wins “King Of Mask Singer”

“Is it okay to broadcast a criminal?”

Netizens are outraged after a three-time DUI convict became the 197th winner of King Of Mask Singer.

King of Masked Singer | MBC

On April 9, Clazziquai member Horan appeared on King Of Mask Singer. On this day, the singer, after her identity was revealed, thanked the judges for choosing her as the winner.

Horan |

To be honest, I thought I would be eliminated in the first round, but I am thankful to have lasted until the end. I love you with all my heart.

— Horan

The singer then revealed that she would be releasing a single album soon and vowed to greet audiences through her concert.

I was nervous since I didn’t have a lot of experience. I received warm support from the first round. I was able to muster up the courage to stand here. I am releasing a single album soon, so I hope many people listen to it. I will greet you soon at my concert.

— Horan

Audiences expressed outrage after seeing Horan, who was convicted of DUI three times. According to reports, the show’s comment sections were filled with criticism. 

  • “No matter what isn’t having Horan on a mistake?”
  • “Wow, King Of Mask Singer is amazing (sarcasm).”
  • “The production team who allowed a DUI convict to be broadcasted needs to get it together.”
  • “Is it okay to broadcast a criminal?”
  • “Is it true you guys broadcasted DUI convict Horan?”
  • “She was convicted for DUI three times.”
  • “The production team broadcasted a three-time DUI convict.”
  • “Someone who was convicted for DUI three times is coming on TV.”

When contacted for a response to the controversy, MBC replied candidly, which brought on a new wave of criticism.

We are verifying the facts.


  • “F@ck, LOL. They had her on, edited the episode, then broadcast it. Verify my @ss.”
  • “Are they verifying if the person is Horan? Or… are they verifying if the show is King Of Mask Singer? Why are they acting like idiots giving excuses that don’t make sense?”
  • “What are they verifying?”
  • “Did they have her own without verifying (her DUI offenses)? LOL.”
  • “Verifying what? LOL, you guys are the ones who recorded her, LOL.”
  • “What do they mean by verify? LOL.”
  • “Verify what?”

In 2016, Clazziquai’s Horan was found to have been drunk behind the wheel when she was involved in an accident on the way to a live radio show. At the time, Horan stated she had drunk the night before. Controversy erupted when it was belatedly revealed that she had two prior DUI incidents in 2004 and 2007.


Source: wikitree and theqoo
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