MBC’s New K-Drama “Old School Intern” Under Fire For Holding A Press Conference Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic

“They should have been more careful…”

On May 28, 2020, MBC‘s new K-Drama series Old School Intern held a press conference in a small café space in Seongsu-dong, Seoul.

“Old School Intern” Poster

Co-stars Park Hae Jin, Park Ki Woong, Han Ji Eun, along with production staff and soundtrack artists, attended the conference to celebrate their new K-Drama.

The cast of “Old School Intern”

Unfortunately, while the event meant to serve as an opportunity for the cast to promote the series, many became uncomfortable with the fact over a hundred people gathered at the café — making the attendees unable to keep their social distance to fight the COVID-19 pandemic rampant around the world.

The café where the conference took place

Especially as most press conferences and public events have either been cancelled or switched to online, Old School Intern‘s decision to go through with this in-person press conference raised serious questions.

Some attendees ended up voicing their concerns. A press associate at the scene commented, “The fact that this event ended up being held is problematic.” Most complaints claimed, “There have not been any extra precautions taken to be mindful of the COVID-19 risks.”

The café where the conference took place

I get that some events can’t be canceled. In which case, then, the hosts should have prepared enough space so attendees can practice social distancing. They should have been more careful. But it honestly didn’t feel like the hosts cared much about the safety of the people there.

— Press Associate

When the pictures from the press conference became shared online, Korean netizens became furious at Old School Intern‘s production team for pushing forward with the event. When the criticism grew, the hosts commented, “The event had been planned and executed under extreme care.”

Yes, a lot of people attended and social distancing had not been possible. But we provided hand sanitizers and kept track of everyone’s medical records. We’re more than aware of the times. So the event had been planned and executed under extreme care.

— Hosting Party

Old School Intern premiered May 20, 2020 — and gained viewer interest with the hyper-realistic (and thus relatable) portrayal of the old school vs. next generation trying to overcome their differences at the workplace.

Watch the trailer here:

Source: Sports Khan, News Tomato and NamuWiki