iMBC Apologizes For Shading NewJeans’ Minji

They mocked NewJeans’ Minji in an article title.

Korean news outlet and broadcaster MBC recently came under fire due to a journalist under their company. Recent photos of NewJeansMinji at the airport were posted with article titles that referred to her previous “Kalguksu controversy.”

Recently, Minji was made to apologize after the said controversy. Haters called her out for her “attitude” and “fake concept,” after she mentioned that she did not know what kalguksu was. Afterwards, the controversy was named as such. You can read more about how the controversy started below.

Here’s What NewJeans Minji’s “Kalguksu Controversy” Is And How It Started

The journalist Go Dae Hyun hid the word”kalguksu” in his article titles using an acrostic poem. He used “Kal-gak (sharp) beauty Guk-jejeok (global) Su-ryeoham (elegance),” and “Kal-gati (sharp on time) Guk-jeseon choolguk (boarding International flight) Su-hang (processing),” meaning “Processing Her Boarding The International Flight Right On Time.” The awkward use of uncommonwords and phrasing alerted fans to his intent.

Netizens were highly angered and blasted both MBC and Go Dae Hyun online. Eventually, MBC issued an apology on January 22, 2024.

The apology| MBC



This is a notice.

iMBC knows very well about the importance of artists’ IPs. Recently, the title of one of our photo articles related to NewJeans has come under controversy, and we immediately deleted it. Even so, we apologize to the related artists and company who were hurt by it.

iMBC promises that we will put full effort into managing our contents so that such matters do not happen again in the future.

— iMBC

You can read more about the initial criticism MBC received below.

Netizens Heavily Criticize MBC For A Now-Deleted Tweet “Mocking” NewJeans’ Minji