MBC Accused Of Punishing TXT And GFRIEND After BTS Announced They Couldn’t Attend “Gayo Daejejeon”

Insiders claim it’s a well-known fact.

MBC is accused of using their powers to “take revenge” on BTS for not attending their Gayo Daejejeon. But instead of directing it towards the group, they’re “punishing” the affiliated groups, TXT and GFRIEND.


The final lineup for MBC’s Gayo Daejejeon ceremony was released, but BTS was not listed because their preconfirmed schedule for New Year’s Rockin’ Eve in NYC coincided with the ceremony.

However, the accusations began when fans noticed that BTS’s labelmates TXT and GFRIEND were not listed on the lineup as well.


TXT is one of the most famous rookies that debuted this year, as they’ve had a stellar performance in their record stats all throughout 2019 and won multiple awards at all of the recent award ceremonies. TXT were confirmed for perform at SBS’s Gayo Daejeon and KBS’s Song Festival.


GFRIEND is also one of the most famous girl groups. They released two albums this year that both saw outstanding success. They won #1 on multiple music shows and awards at recent award shows. They are also confirmed for perform at SBS’s Gayo Daejeon and KBS’s Song Festival.


Fans and reports claim MBC was not happy about BTS declining to perform at their end-of-the-year ceremony and has decided to ban all affiliated groups out of spite. The Gayo Daejejeon is a ceremony that closes out the year with performances from the most successful groups who released new music that year.

Considering how TXT and GFRIEND, two groups who were active and very successful in 2019, were not performing, many claim foul play on MBC.

They also pointed out that when TXT made a comeback in October, they were able to perform on all music shows, except MBC’s Show! Music Core.

Industry insiders revealed that it’s common knowledge that MBC has begun to ban any artists affiliated with BigHit ever since they announced BTS will not be able to perform at Gayo Daejejeon.

The fact that it’s become difficult for any artist related to BigHit to appear on MBC is well known throughout the industry.

— Industry Insider


MBC responded to the accusations, denying that they are “punishing” BigHit’s artists. They explained the casting was all up the to show’s PD but did not explain why TXT and GFRIEND were excluded.

It’s not true. It’s unfortunate, but casting is completely at the PD’s discretion.



TXT is the first group to debut under BigHit Entertainment since BTS’s debut back in 2013. GFRIEND’s agency, Source Music, has been a close affiliate of BigHit Entertainment and was recently acquired to become a subsidiary under BigHit.

Source: Osen