MBC Has Released The Trailer Of The Documentary Spotlighting Sulli’s Life

The trailer for the documentary on Sulli’s life has been released.

MBC has released the trailer of the documentary they are producing on Sulli‘s life.

Previously, MBC announced that they were in the process of producing a documentary that spotlights Sulli’s life. It is said to include interviews and stories from her family, friends, and other SM Entertainment staff.

The trailer was released on September 3. In the trailer, there are snippets from different points in Sulli’s life- for example, her audition tape, videos of her practicing choreography, acting videos, and more.

Her mother is also shown in the trailer, along with former label mate and friend Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany.

Details about when the full documentary will be released have not yet been revealed.

Sulli passed away on October 14, 2019.

| @jelly_jilli/ Instagram

See the trailer here:

Sulli's Passing

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