MBC Reports TVXQ’s Yunho Attempted To Run Away From Police After Getting Caught At An Illegal Adult Entertainment Venue

He tried to run away as his friends blocked the police.

 SM Entertainment has since released a statement denying the allegations made by MBC.

It was reported that TVXQ‘s Yunho tried to run away from police while his acquaintances held them back after getting caught violating social distancing rules earlier in the week, drinking past curfew at an illegally run adult entertainment establishment.

According to an exclusive report from MBC, Yunho was one of at least five people in an adult entertainment establishment drinking after 10 pm KST, the latest all restaurants and bars are allowed to be open. When police entered the commercial building in Cheongdam-dong after 10 pm, a fight broke out between the police and Yunho’s acquaintances, and it is believed that they were attempting to stall time for Yunho to escape. The police are currently considering whether to charge the individuals involved with obstruction of justice.

At the commercial building, there is no placard identifying the business operating on the fourth floor, and the windows are opaque so outsiders cannot see in. MBC entered the business, and saw a long hallway, with several rooms flanking the hallway. Several women and other employees were seen walking around the business. Visitors were not allowed to enter the business unless they had a prior reservation.

We only accept people with a membership or reservation…

— Male Employee

The business was registered with the Gangnam-gu office as a general restaurant, however they were illegally operating as an adult entertainment establishment. Yunho was here drinking with three acquaintances and one of the venue’s female employees until midnight, two hours past the social distancing rules’ curfew. However, it is not known exactly how many other employees were present in the venue.

When police arrived at the location around midnight, Yunho’s acquaintances fought with police in an attempt to help Yunho escape. As the fight intensified, the police threatened to handcuff Yunho’s acquaintances. Following the initial report of Yunho’s social distancing rules violation, he quickly released his personal apology, but failed to mention the fight or any conflict.

Watch MBC’s full exclusive report below:

Source: MBC


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